09:00 Opening address

Steinunn S. Jakobsdóttir


09:05 Keynote lecture

Presentation of International Centre for Geohazards (ICG) and discussion on challenges in geohazards-related research

Farrokh Nadim


09:45 Seismic hazard assessment – engineering seismology


The confidence of earthquake damage scenarios; Examples from the capacity spectrum method

Sergio Molina & Conrad D. Lindholm


Public usage of a website for real-time seismicity in Iceland: Insights into hazard perception

Deanne Bird, Matthew J. Roberts & Dale Dominey-Howes


10:30 – 10:50 Coffee break


10:50 Seismic detection - verification


The mb(Ms) diagram for Iranian earthquakes obtained from the International Monitoring System

Ingvar Nedgĺrd


Data processing and analysis of infrasound signals in Fennoscandia and NW Russia

Tormod Kvćrna, Johannes Schweitzer, Frode Ringdal & Steven J. Gibbons


Considerations in event detection and location using small-aperture seimic arrays

Steven J. Gibbons, Tormod Kvćrna & Frode Ringdal


Microseismic monitoring at the unstable rock-slope site at Ĺknes, Mřre og Romsdal, Norway

Michael Roth & Lars H. Blikra


12:15 – 13:30 Lunch break


13:30 Keynote lecture

Earthquake prediction research and the June 2000 earthquakes

Ragnar Stefánsson


14:10 Seismicity – noise studies


Analysis of seismic noise at Icelandic network (SIL) stations

Kristín S. Vogfjörđ


Microseimic studies at Hagfors array, Sweden

Leif Persson


Seismicity in Sweden from five years of digital recordings

Reynir Böđvarsson & Björn Lund


Seismological monitoring in Lithuania during the period 1999-2005

Andrius Pačėsa


15:35 Poster session


Strain and stress on the Reykjanes Peninsula

Marie Keiding, Björn Lund, Ţóra Árnadóttir & Erik Sturkell


15:40 - 16:00 Coffee break


16:00 Seismicity – noise studies (continued)


Earthquake activity in the Rana region recorded by a local seismic network and a seismic array

Mathilde B. Sřrensen, Steven J. Gibbons & Jens Havskov


Increased earthquake activity along the divergent plate boundary near the Askja volcano, Iceland

Heidi Soosalu, Páll Einarsson, Ásta Rut Hjartardóttir, Steinunn S. Jakobsdóttir, Rikke Pedersen, Erik Sturkell & Robert S. White


Increasing seismicity beneath Vatnajökull ice-cap: artifact or reality?

Matthew J. Roberts & Hannah Evans


17:05 End of day one


17:10 Meeting in “The Nordic seismic educational network”


19:00 Dinner


After dinner we can take a walk and/or relax in the hot tub






08:30 Keynote lecture

Fire and ice on shaky grounds: Living with natural hazards in Iceland

Freysteinn Sigmundsson


09:10 Crustal deformation


EarthScope: Exploring the structure and evolution of North America

Michael Jackson, David Mencin, Gregory E. van der Vink & Christel B. Hennet


High-rate continuous GPS observations in Iceland

Halldór Geirsson & Ţóra Árnadóttir


Crustal stress anomaly before the M=6.5 17 June 2000 earthquake in South Iceland

Björn Lund, Reynir Böđvarsson & Ragnar Slunga


Monitoring the crustal stress tensor field by microearthquake analysis - new possibilities for eathquake warning algorithms

Ragnar Slunga


10:35 - 10:55 Coffee break


10:55 Crustal structure – modelling


Subsurface faults in southwestern Iceland mapped by relatively located microearthquakes

Sigurlaug Hjaltadóttir, Kristín S. Vogfjörđ & Ragnar Slunga


Asymmetric plume-ridge interaction around Iceland: The Kolbeinsey Ridge Iceland seismic experiment

Bryndís Brandsdóttir & Emilie E.E. Hooft


Tomography of Rayleigh wave group velocity in South Greenland from correlation of ambient seismic noise

Peter Voss, Peter Kyhl Knudsen, Ólafur Guđmundsson, Sřren Gregersen, Trine Dahl-Jensen, Winfried Hanka and Tine B. Larsen


Lithospheric anisotrophy beneath Greenland from SKS splitting

Nur Ucisik, Ólafur Guđmundsson, Winfried Hanka, Trine Dahl-Jensen, Klaus Modegaard and Keith Priestley


12:20 – 13:30 Lunch break


13:30 Crustal structure – modelling (continued)


Crustal investigation of the Danish Basin based on ESTRID-1 seismic data

Alessandro Sandrin, Lars Nielsen and Hans Thybo


A new 3D seismic tomography model reveals the terrane distribution of Svecofennian Orogen

Tellervo Hyvönen, Annakaisa Korja, Timo Tiira, Kari Komminaho and E. Rautioaho


Seismic images of the accretionary Svecofennian Orogen

Annakaisa Korja, Pekka Heikkinen, Timo Tiira, Tellervo Hyvönen and FIRE Working Group


Receiver function analysis of the broad band data of Finnish seismograph network

Jari Kortström, Monika Wilde-Piórko, Timo Tiira and Kari Komminaho


14:55 Special topic

Status of the Lehmann archive

Erik Hjortenberg


15:10 Fifteen years of SIL automatic monitoring

Steinunn S. Jakobsdóttir


15:50 - 16:20 Coffee break


16:20 Discussion on statues for the Nordic Seminar

Introduction by Ólafur Guđmundsson


17:00 End of day two


17:00 Sightseeing at the Nesjavellir geothermal power plant and a reception invited by Reykjavik Energy


19:00 Dinner






09:00 – 19:00 Field trip through the South Iceland Lowland in conjunction with the FORESIGHT meeting. The trip will cover earthquakes, hydrothermal processes, volcanic eruptions, glacial floods etc.