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Earthquakes in Iceland during the last 48 hours

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This list contains automatically located events from the SIL seismic system. Depth is measured in kilometers and Ml represents the local magnitude. The list contains all events that have a quality value equal to or greater than 30. A higher quality value means a better-located event. On the maps, a green star appears if the earthquake has a magnitude greater than 3 and a quality value greater than 85. This page is updated regularly.

NOTE: These are automatic results from the SIL seismic system

DateTimeLat.Lon.DepthMlQuality Comments 
2016-05-2818:59:31,965,137-16,37111,41,190,01 4,3 kmSSWof Herđubreiđ
2016-05-2816:18:22,463,950-21,3657,2-1,042,15 1,9 kmENEof Raufarhólshellir
2016-05-2810:54:03,363,636-19,1961,10,034,64 2,7 kmEof Gođabunga
2016-05-2810:04:38,164,418-17,18016,00,879,27 4,7 kmENEof Grímsfjall
2016-05-2808:16:21,465,074-16,4152,7-0,133,73 2,0 kmSWof Herđubreiđartögl
2016-05-2807:52:15,863,715-23,2699,71,090,01 3,6 kmNWof Geirfuglasker
2016-05-2804:05:39,464,533-17,8721,1-0,061,46 5,9 kmNNWof Hamarinn
2016-05-2723:20:30,666,609-17,7318,70,690,01 14,4 kmENEof Grímsey
2016-05-2714:25:01,964,105-19,8371,10,468,36 0,1 kmSSWof Búrfellsstöđ
2016-05-2714:05:51,365,117-16,3606,5-0,390,01 3,5 kmNNEof Herđubreiđartögl
2016-05-2709:15:20,265,099-16,3726,41,190,01 1,4 kmNNEof Herđubreiđartögl
2016-05-2702:54:30,465,100-16,3724,71,090,03 1,5 kmNNEof Herđubreiđartögl

ŠThe Icelandic Meteorological Office. Updated 2016-05-28 20:36