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We also see that station SOHO, red curve, is moving southwards more rapidly than other stations in the vincinity. SOHO, the station we saw a photo of earlier in this presentation, is located just 5 km SW of the subglacial calderarim of Katla. The movement occurs sporiodically with this offset here in the summer of 2001 (4 mm) lasting for about one or two months. Then it's relatively flat (I don't know what this perturbation there means) and then it goes off again in April this year and continued until mid-November. This movement is most probably caused by an increase in magma pressure under Katla. This is supported by GPS network measurements made on nunataks on the caldera rim. The results imply a shallow Mogi source at a depth of some 2.5 km with a center rise of 11 centimeters between June 2001 and May 2002. (Therefore the movements are not caused by reinflation of Hekla Magma chamber) .....