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Displacements of all ISGPS stations relative to REYK

Displacements in north, east and vertical are defined as positive. The black dots are solutions from 24 hours of data, using final orbits from CODE, with 1 sigma uncertainties.
The figures are usually updated weekly.
OLKE displacements
HVER displacements
HLID displacements
VOGS displacements
SELF displacements
KIDJ displacements
ISAK displacements
VMEY displacements
THEY displacements
SOHO displacements
HVOL displacements
GOLA displacements
HOFN displacements
GFUM displacements
SKRO displacements
RHOF displacements
ARHO displacements
AKUR displacements
SAUD displacements
BRUJ displacements
KARV displacements

Halldór Geirsson