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Time series of motion at CGPS station HLID relative to REYK

Times of MS 6.5 earthquakes on June 17, and June 21, 2000, shown with red vertical lines

Frslur  HLID

The motion of HLID relative to REYK as a function of time, in millimeters. Displacements in east, north and vertical directions are defined as positive. The black dots are solutions from 24 hours of data, using final orbits from CODE, with 1 sigma uncertainties. HLID was not collecting data from March 10 to June 22, 2000. Data collected on June 17, is processed in two parts, before the time of the earthquake (00:00-17:40 GMT) and after (17:50-23:59 GMT). NOTICE THESE ARE PRELIMINARY RESULTS!

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