Icelandic Meteorological Office
Dept. of Geophysics

Map of the soutwest part of Iceland

SW Iceland

Figure 1: Map of the southwestern part of Iceland. The locations of the MS=6.6, June 17 and June 21, 2000 earthquakes are shown with a red and a purple star, respectively. The June 1998 and November 1998 earthquake epicenters in the Hengill area (He) are shown with green dots. The May 1987 epicenter near Vatnafjöll (Va) is shown with a blue dot. The locations of the South Iceland seismic zone (SISZ), Reykjanes peninsula (RP), western volcanic zone (WVZ) and eastern volcanic zone (EVZ) are shown. The black box shows the extent of the area used in the velocity simulation. Thin black lines denote mapped surface faults (Einarsson and Eiriksson:1982, Einarsson and Saemundsson:1987, Erlendsson and Einarsson:1996). The yellow areas are volcanic fissure swarms, and the calderas are shown with black lines with tick marks. The locations of SIL seismic stations are shown with black triangles.