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Nordic Volcanological Institute

Nordic Volcanological Institute (NVI) will participate in preparing infrastructure relating to research on structure and changes in the North Atlantic mantle plume by magnetelluric methods, and from geodetic measurements.

NVI has participated in numerous international collaborative projects, such as PRENLAB and PRENLAB-2 that have focussed on earthquake prediction research, using Iceland as a natural laboratory. Extensive crustal deformation studies have been conducted at the institute for over 20 years, in Iceland and elsewhere in the world, and the institute is well equipped for that kind of research. The institute is also leading efforts utilizing continuous magnetelluric measurements to study the earth.

NVI is a multinational organization sponsored jointly by the Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden. The NVI was founded in 1974 and now has 14 employees. The institute focusses on basic research in plate tectonics and volcanology. Further information can be found at

\begin{Lentry}\item[\textbf{Freysteinn Sigmundsson}]
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...e radar interferometry.
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Margret Asgeirsdottir