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Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics, University of Frankfurt

The institute is a part of University of Frankfurt and responsible for research and academic education. Research at the geophysical unit is based on theoretical work in the field of geodynamics and seismology, on applied geophysics using geoelectric and on laboratory high pressure rock physics. The unit currently comprises 20 academic staff members, a number of students and technical staff. The unit of geophysics is equipped with a numerical laboratory consisting of 3 high performance computers and a number of smaller units, self-developed and commercial softwares for calculation of earth dynamics and the related necessary visualization hard- and softwares.

Research in the geodynamic group (Harro Schmeling and Gabriele Marquart) focusses on interaction between mantle convection and the lithosphere, plume dynamics, melt generation, mineral phase changes in the mantle, and geographically on the regions of the North Atlantic and the Southeast Pacific.

\begin{Lentry}\item[\textbf{Gabriele Marquart}]
Born: January 11, 1954. Citizens...
...daries. \textit{Geophys.
J. Int.} (submitted). \newline

\begin{Lentry}\par\item[\textbf{Harro Schmeling}]
Born: November 26, 1954, in Ha...
...lten rocks.} Kluwer Academic Publishers (in press).

Margret Asgeirsdottir