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Method and prospects

The HOTSPOT project responds to very urgent scientific need to study the dynamics of the Iceland Hotspot, a study of global interest and dimension.

HOTSPOT prepares a basis for research in earth sciences, especially research aiming at mitigating risks caused by earthquake and volcanic hazards. HOTSPOT paves the road for research which will be a significant boom for scientific and economical development.

HOTSPOT prepares the research basis by providing access to well controlled observational data, by preparing the existing infrastructure for carrying out new observations cost by others, and by designing and initiating new research infrastructures on basis of experience gained and in light of the needs of end users.

The method of HOTSPOT is that of intensive networking between the operators of the infrastructures and the end users of the data. Yearly workshops will be held for planning the steps of preparing the infrastructures as well as for introducing new observations into the infrastructure and for designing new infrastructures. These workshops will be attended by the large group of participants and cooperators which compose the HOTSPOT consortium. But they will also be open to scientists outside the group which show interest for own input into the infrastructures and for participation in expanding and modifying the functions of the them. The HOTSPOT website on the internet will contain good access to new and old observational data. But it will also contain steadfast upgrade of information about the functions of the infrastructures as well as plans and prospects. In this way a secure participation of all potential users and providers is granted.

In Iceland a local advisory board will cooperate with frequent meetings and workshops to plan implementations and to take contacts with new groups of observatory providers and end users.

Based on pressing need for challenging research of global dimension HOTSPOT is preparing a huge infrastructure for observations and designing further infrastructures. This is not a new institution, because the operation of the infrastructures will be in the hands of institutions in Iceland and institutions in the neighboring North Atlantic countries and the operation will basically be cost by these. The build-up and extension of the infrastructures will be cost by various projects, national, European or international. The work will be lead by the coordinator based on advices from participants and cooperators and in accordance with the willingness of the scientific community to participate in the extensions.

In this way HOTSPOT proposes, besides its timely infrastructure actions, a rational way for developing a European Natural Laboratory of huge dimensions and global significance.

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Margret Asgeirsdottir