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Our objective is to encourage scientists in using and collecting deformation data related to Hotspot activity. We will make available as much as possible of previously collected Global Positioning System (GPS) data in Iceland, as well as other data such as synthetic aperture radar interferograms, distance and levelling measurements, that have been collected in a number of areas in Iceland since the 1960s. The objective is to provide complete time series of deformation, for both stations in the interior of Iceland and at more distant places from the Hotspot center. This way we will create the favoured infrastructure for European researchers working with geodetic measurements in Iceland. Furthermore, our objective is also to ensure full and free access to new Continuous GPS (CGPS) measurements of crustal deformation, by combining ongoing CGPS measurements in Iceland under one infrastructure, the HOTSPOT CGPS network. An integral part of this work is to augment already ongoing CGPS efforts by adding stations and infrastructure in the center of Iceland, to be able to better provide information to all users interested in the dynamics of the mantle plume.

Margret Asgeirsdottir