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Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University

The Uppsala seismology group consist of staff members of both the Section of Solid Earth Physics and the Section of Seismology at the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University. These sections did constitute the former Department of Geophysics (with about 35 academic staff) prior to the merge into the new Institute of Earth Sciences with about 200 employees. The seismology group conducts research in a number of different fields such as large- and microearthquake source studies, earthquake fault mapping, local earthquake tomography, seismicity studies and seismic hazard assessment. Members of the group were responsible for the design of the seismological network in Iceland (the SIL network) and the group is responsible for the Swedish seismological network which is now being modernized with 18 new digital stations using the SIL technology.

\begin{Lentry}\item[\textbf{Reynir Bödvarsson}]
\par Born: 1950 in Iceland.
...uth Iceland. {\em Geophys. J. Int.} 123, 409--419.

Margret Asgeirsdottir