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Key words

Mitigating risk, Hazard assessment, Multidiciplinary approach, Geodynamic approach, Modelling earthquake processes, Microearthquake technology, Earthquake precursors, Premonitory changes, Stress forcasting, Short-term warnings, Database.

Figure 1: The Hengill-Ölfus area is between the South Iceland seismic zone to the east, and the Reykjanes seismic zone and rift zone to the west. To NW goes the western volcanic zone. In this area there has been high seismic activity since 1994, which culminated in two earthquakes of magnitude 5 in 1998. These two earthquakes and related observed earth activity created research conditions which were of enormous significance for the progress of many parts of the PRENLAB-2 project.

Margret Asgeirsdottir