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Poles and zeros of the Streckheisen STS-2 seismometer

The velocity response of the Streckheisen STS-2 seismometer used at the IRIS station in Borgarfjöršur has a passband from about 40 Hz down to at least tex2html_wrap_inline1041 Hz (Figure 2).

Poles: tex2html_wrap_inline1043

Zeros: tex2html_wrap_inline1035

The Streckheisen STS-2 geophone has a leading factor (A0 in the ah header) of 5.699996 tex2html_wrap_inline1049 and its gain (DS in the ah header) is 360.0 V/m/s. Information on the poles and zeros of the STS-2 seismometer comes from Pete Davis,

Sigurdur Th. Rognvaldsson
Wed Mar 19 12:54:50 GMT 1997