SŠl ÷ll,

Assuming that epicentral locations are accurate, the ongoing icequake swarm at Skei­arßrj÷kull is occurring within the subglacial catchment of S˙la.

For the latest epicentres, see: http://hraun.vedur.is/ja/viku/2004/vika_42/bab.gif

This suggests that either a minor j÷kulhlaup from GrŠnalˇn is in progress, or that rainfall within the last 24 hours has caused increased sliding at the glacier bed. Skei­arßrj÷kull has received at least 40-mm of rainfall since ~08.00 hours yesterday, so we presently suspect that rainfall is forcing the seismicity, either directly due to meltwater reaching the glacier bed, or indirectly through rainfall-induced leakage from GrŠnalˇn. Rainfall is expected to intensify over Skei­arßrj÷kull today.

If seismicity levels increase, or if new epicentres appear on the eastern side of Skei­arßrj÷kull, then we will send another up-date.

Me­ bestu kve­jur,

Matthew Roberts og Halldˇr Geirsson
E­lisfrŠ­isvi­i, V═