Continuous GPS measurements at ARHO

General information

The station at Árholt is located on the Tjörnes peninsula in North Iceland, between the Húsavík-Flatey transform zone and the Grímsey fracture zone. The station was installed on June 21, 2002. Due to installation problems, data are only available as of August 17, 2002.
Measurements are made using a Martec Micro-Z (Ashtech interior) receiver and an Ashtech Choke Ring antenna.
ARHO is funded by LGCA, University of Savoie, France.
The station coordinates are (approximately): 66.19307 N, 17.10904 W, and the ellipsoidal height is 123.9 m.
The antenna height from the benchmark to the bottom of the antenna is 1.031 m.

Data files

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Pictures and diagrams

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Results (time series)

Displacements at ARHO in east, north and vertical coordinates (in millimeters) assuming REYK is stationary:


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