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Continuous GPS measurements in Iceland - the ISGPS network

The Icelandic Meteorological Office operates a network of continuous geodetic GPS stations in Iceland to monitor crustal deformation related to plate movements, volcanic unrest and earthquakes. With geodetic quality instruments and specialized software it is possible to achieve the daily position of the stations to within a few millimeters. CGPS stations are therefor an excellent tool to monitor crustal deformation.
On this page you will find general information about the measurements. You can also download data from the ISGPS sites and view results from the measurements.

Near - realtime results
Composite timeseries
Results - timeseries
Map of station locations
Data from CGPS stations

Preliminary results from CGPS measurements of earthquakes on June 17 and June 19, 2000

A report on the first year of ISGPS
Continuous GPS measurements in Iceland 1999 - 2002  
AGU Fall Meeting 2002 presentation "Continuous GPS measurements in Iceland 1999 - 2002".

Halldˇr Geirsson operates the ISGPS network.

General information on the network.
Continuous GPS stations

Information on CGPS stations
AKUR (Akureyri)
ARHO (┴rholt)
BRUJ (Br˙arj÷kull)
GFUM (Grimsfjall)
GOLA (Godaland)
HLID (HlÝ­ardalsskˇli)
HOFN (H÷fn Ý Hornafir­i)
HVER (Hverager­i)
HVOL (Lßguhvolar)
ISAK (═sakot)
KARV (Kßrahnj˙kar)
KIDJ (Ki­djaberg)
OLKE (Ílkelduhßls)
REYK (ReykjavÝk)
RHOF (Raufarh÷fn)
SAUD (Saudarhals)
SELF (Selfoss Airport)
SKRO (Skrokkalda)
SOHO (Sˇlheimahei­i)
STOR (Storolfshvoll)
THEY (Ůorvaldseyri)
VMEY (Vestmannaeyjar)
VOGS (Vogsˇsar)