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Continuous GPS measurements have been initiated in Iceland. The abbreviation GPS stands for "Global Positioning System", which is a system of satellites orbiting the Earth, operated by the U.S. military for the purpose of precise navigation of military vehicles.

On this page you can observe the latest results and also download data from GPS sites in the ISGPS network.

The measurements are a collaboration between The Icelandic Meteorological Office, The Nordic Volcanological Institute and The Science Institute, University of Iceland.

The Hengill triple junction area

Due to a series of earthquake swarms in June and November 1998 in the Hengill area it was decided to monitor crustal movements in detail in the area. Funding to purchase four dual frequency (L1 and L2) GPS instruments (Trimble 4700) was obtained from the Icelandic Government and the Reykjavik District Heating.

The antennas are Trimble Choke Ring antennas designed to gain the best possible accuracy. The signal is sent from the receiver to a local PC computer which collects data into 24 hour long data files. The data files are then transferred to IMO via telephone modems once per day.
The GPS stations are at Hlidardalsskoli (HLID), Hveragerdi (HVER), Vogsosar (VOGS) and Olkelduhals (OLKE).

Mýrdals- and Eyjafjallajökull

Three CGPS stations have been installed near the subglacial volcanoes Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull in response to increased activity since July 1999.
We use there Trimble 4000SSI receivers and Trimble Choke Ring antennas. Funding was obtained from the Icelandic Research Council. The stations are at Sólheimaheiđi (SOHO) , Láguhvolum (HVOL) and Ţorvaldseyri (THEY).

Vestmannaeyjar (Vestmann Islands)

The station at Vestmannaeyjar (VMEY) began recording data at July 27, 2000. There we use a Trimble 4000SSI receiver and a Trimble Choke Ring antenna.

South Iceland Seismic Zone (SISZ)

Two earthquakes of magnitudes Ms6.6 occurred in June 2000, three days apart. In January 2001 a station was installed in the western part of the SISZ, at Kiđjaberg (KIDJ). There we use a Trimble 4700 12 channel receiver and Choke Ring antenna.

Highland network

In late September 2000, a station was installed at Skrokkalda (SKRO) near the center of Iceland. The station is funded by the University of Savoie (LGCA). The instruments at SKRO are from Ashtech: a Z-12 CGRS receiver and a choke ring antenna.

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