Continuous GPS measurements at HLID

General information

The station at Hlídardalsskóli started collecting data on May 21, 1999.
Until March 15, 2000 measurements were made using a Trimble 4700 receiver and a Trimble Choke Ring antenna. The instruments were then removed due to snow accumulation problems and moved to THEY.
After the June earthquakes the station has been run in a semi-continuous mode using a Trimble 4000SSI receiver.

The coordinates are: 63.92110 N, 21.38970 W, and the height above sea level is 45.5 m.
The antenna height from the benchmark to the bottom of the antenna is now 0.9141 m. Prior to March 15, 2000, the antenna height was 0.9089 m.

Data files:

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Pictures and diagrams


Displacements at HLID in east, north and vertical components (in millimeters) assuming that REYK does not move.

Velocity at HLID in east, north and vertical coordinates (in mm/yr) calculated from the time-series.

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Halldór Geirsson.