Continuous GPS measurements

Composite time series figures for monitoring of crustal deformation

The black lines on the map above show which stations are plotted on the the graphs below. The graphs show time series (movements) for the CGPS stations VMEY, THEY, SOHO and HVOL since July 2000 using a 61 day weighted running mean. The top figure shows station movements in the east component, the middle and bottom figures show the north and vertical components, respectively. A majority of the points are from the final processing of the data (using final orbit products), but the last 10 to 40 days are from automatic processing using predicted satellite orbits. The graphs are updated automatically on a daily basis. Uncertainties are not plotted, but offsets and outliers are removed before calculating the running mean.
East component of the stations since July 2000.

North component of the stations since July 2000.

Vertical component of the stations since July 2000.

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