Apparent displacements due to radomes in the ISGPS network

The figures below show apparent displacenents in the vertical component due to radome installation. Plotted is the deviation in ellipsoidal height from a predefined value, in millimeters, as a function of time. Data were processed using the Bernese V4.2 software. Green lines show the installation times of the radomes, blue lines note the weighted average (the timespan of the blue lines indicate what data were used to calculate the average). Purple lines show confidence limits to the weighted average. The confidence limits presented are only a measure of the scatter and are calculated as the weighted RMS (sometimes termed "repetability"). Again the timespan of the purple lines indicate what data were used to calculate the confidence limits.
It is evident from the figures below that the installation of radomes (pn 0010-2) causes an apparent vertical shift of ca. 20mm downwards.

Note: This work is in progress.


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