Icelandic Meteorological Office
Dept. of Geophysics

Peak velocity maps

SW Iceland

Figure 4: Peak velocity maps for the reference model with 400 m grid spacing. The fault is 50 km long and extends from the surface down to 15 km depth. The slip is uniform right-lateral strike-slip. The hypocenter is in the center of the fault at 10 km depth. The rupture propagates radially out from the hypocenter with a constant rupture velocity of 2.7 km/s. The N-S line shows the surface trace of the fault model. The squares depict current locations of towns and major villages shown in Figure  2. The N-S elongated area corresponding to MM VIII-IX is also shown. The color scale extends from 0 m/s (dark blue) to 2.0 m/s (red). The top panel shows the E-W component, the center panel shows the N-S component, and the bottom panel shows the vertical component.