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Task 1: Data retrieval and access.
The work will be carried out in the SIL center in Iceland. The SIL center includes the Icelandic seismic database structure and a more multipurpose database which is currently being built up for early warning purposes.

The seismic data of the local activity, parameter data and waveform data will be made accessible for the multinational European seismic datacenters together with information on how to access the data from the SIL center.

Waveform and parameter data of distant earthquakes recorded by the 38 Icelandic SIL type seismic stations will be made accessible to research through the European centers in their standardized formats.

Other continuous multidisciplinary HOTSPOT data and related data and information will be made accessible through a HOTSPOT website.

This task starts at the beginning of the project and proceeds through it.

Margret Asgeirsdottir