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Task 2: Prepare the existing infrastructure for adding of new observations.

All the SIL seismic stations in Iceland have a multitasking UNIX computer, and software utilities for retrieving sensor data, evaluation of these and communication with the SIL center. This makes it relatively easy to add new digital sensors to the stations. The station as well as the center software must be adapted to include these observations. This is done mainly under WP 2. The testings and implementation of available and significant sensors and environments into the infrastructure will be carried out under WP 1 in cooperation with scientists which provide new sensors for observations to be carried out.

In carrying out this task WP 1 gains from the close cooperation with and experience of technicians and scientists at the SIL center. Because it is expected that there will be many requests for input of new observations into the infrastructure this activity will be ongoing during the entire project.

Margret Asgeirsdottir