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The workgroup responsible for WP 4 will acompany the HOTSPOT project during its entire life-time as a scientific advisory board, giving expertise on different stages of the project, based on application of results from parallel ongoing projects.

Physical models will be provided to explain the observation datasets (seismicity, surface deformation, gravity or MT-data) on different spatial and temporal scales. From these models we will estimate: - on regional scale, the stress accumulation and propagation of strain waves in the crust. These results constrain the deployment of temporal GPS instruments and seimometers. This structural Finite Element model of the Icelandic crust should develop in its final state to a user supplied tool of the Hotspot Observatory to interactively estimate stress concentrations and deformations. - on medium scale, information about the generation and segregation of melts. These results constrain the deployment of MT intruments. - on large scale, using models for plume-ridge interaction, the size of the plume and the rheological parameters in the North Atlantic.

Part of the work and the deliverables described above is already in progress under national research contracts.

Margret Asgeirsdottir