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Royal Observatory of Belgium

Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) will give access and assistance to the already existing integrated Environmental Data Acquisition System (EDAS) for volcano and seismic zone monitoring. It includes sensors, electronics interfaces, data transfers, pretreatment software, supplies, calibration procedure, etc. Concerning the use of spring gravimeters LaCoste-Romberg, ROB has developed a special electrostatic feedback interface which is recognized by the maker of the gravimeters as suitable for permanent monitoring of gravity field. Complementary signals registration is justified by the strong perturbations which could exist in volcano sites. Tiltmeters and climatological stations could be prepared with EDAS approach.

Expertise of ROB in the project domain:

\begin{Lentry}\item[\textbf{Michel van Ruymbeke}]
Nationality: Belgian.
...ibrating platform. \textit{Metrologia} 32, 209-216.

Margret Asgeirsdottir