ISGPS radome data

Data files will be put here up on request if you want to reprocess data from the ISGPS network. (send email to Halldor Geirsson: or Thora Arnadottir:

Radome installations

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HLID: on 23AUG1999 hh:mm UT (daynumber 235)
HVER: on 09AUG1999 hh:mm UT (ddd 221) :::: off 05NOV1999 hh:mm UT (ddd 309) :::: on 24NOV1999 hh:mm UT (ddd 328)
HVOL: always on
KIDJ: always on
OLKE: on 01JUL1999 hh:mm UT (ddd 182)
SKRO: always on
SOHO: on 05NOV1999 hh:mm UT (ddd 309)
THEY: always on
VMEY: always on
VOGS: on 24NOV1999 17:mm UT (ddd 328)

VOGS radome data

A SCIGN radome (pn. 0010-2) was installed on nov. 24 1999 at 17:mm UT (day number 328).
The following tar files contain data files in Hatanaka compressed format from day 270 (1999) to day 019 (2000). The data files have 30s sampling interval.
NOTE: The antenna height is set to 0.000 in the VOGS Rinex files. The antenna height (from reference point to bottom of antenna) is 0.9721 m.
The following tar files (added 22. feb. 2001) contain data from vogs and reyk from day 323 to day 337 (1999). Antenna heights in the VOGS Rinex files are correct. Note there is no data from REYK on days 332 - 334.
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