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The deliverables are series of various geophysical data which are well controlled and scientifically compatible. These data will be available to research, to various end users through a parametric description available on the HOTSPOT website with its center in Reykjavík.

All data will be accessible through the European datacenters, EMSC and ORFEUS. Seismic waveform data from distant earthquakes of the 38 SIL station network in Iceland will be made available through ORFEUS.

Yearly reports will be presented at annual HOTSPOT workshops of the international consortium of HOTSPOT, participants and cooperators. These reports will also be issued on the HOTSPOT website.

Papers will be presented on a yearly basis at international conferences presenting the HOTSPOT observatory ideas and explaining the progress in carrying out its objectives, with the main aim of attracting new participation in the extension of the infrastructure facilities and observations, and to research actions based on the data made accessible.

Margret Asgeirsdottir